Salaam B'y Film Screening

Tuesday, Apr 16, 2019 at 7:00PM

Moose Jaw Cultural Centre

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Free public screening of the Canadian short film Salaam B'y with guest appearance by filmmaker Aatif Baskanderi.

The story is about my life growing up as a Pakistani-Canadian Muslim in a small town of 4,000 in Newfoundland. Our short documentary (21 mins) presents an uplifting story on the power of social inclusion and leveraging "communities of kindness" as a natural resource to fuel an innovative & resilient community, which is pillared on empowering people's unique character, particularly youth.

Notable film achievements include:
1. Selected by the United Nations Global Migration Film Festival.
2. Included in Toronto District School Board curriculum as part of Islamic Heritage Month in Ontario.
3. Nominated for multiple awards, as well as winner of "Best Documentary Film 2018" at the Canadian Diversity Film Festival (Toronto) and Muskoka Film Festival.
4. Selected by 15+ film festivals across Canada, the USA (New York, Chicago) and globally via the UN (Iraq, Cyprus, Uganda, Bulgaria, Romania).
5. Awarded Inspirit Foundation grant to deliver cross Canada Tour in 2019.
6. Complimentary CBC radio documentary aired nationally on The Sunday Edition.
7. Film crowdfunded $15,000 from 230 donors from 19 countries.

Film Trailer:
Documentary Crowdfunding:
CBC Nationally-Aired Radio Documentary: "Salaam B'y":

Original Facebook Viral Post (June 10, 2017):

Key Film Topics: identity, community resilience & kindness, youth empowerment, anti-racism, intercultural/interfaith, innovation, social inclusion, economic development.

Audience Feelings: confidence, inspiration, pride, empathy, caring.

Rating: G


Moose Jaw Cultural Centre, 217 Main Street North, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan

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Name Tyler
Phone (306) 693-4677
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